Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping the "Bull" in Bulldog Reporter

Once again, Bulldog Reporter is pimping a New University audio conference that pushes the limits of what is reasonable and does little to enhance the image of our industry. This event is entitled:

Blog Relations Update for PR: Top Online Influencers Show How to Break into Blogs.


And the description (edited below to spare you) does its very best to scare the crap out of prospective participants:

Don't believe those who play down the differences between bloggers and traditional journalists. Fact is, blog relations is a far more subjective science than traditional media relations—pitching preferences, reporting styles and even journalistic ethics (or lack thereof) can vary wildly from one blogger to the next, and one misstep when pitching any given online influencer could sink your product or announcement. Look no further than the "Dell Hell" fiasco for proof. Join Bulldog Reporter's PR University and our panel of top bloggers for the answers to these and other critical questions designed to demystify the blogosphere, break down today's best blog-pitching practices and turn you and your team into blog PR experts so you can actively drive results and messaging for your company or client online.

Double sheesh.

No wonder Internet marketers look at traditional public relations practitioners as if they had two heads and forked tongues. "ONE MISSTEP COULD SINK YOUR PRODUCT!"

I am not even going to dignify this inane promotion other than to say two things:

1. Embrace the Internet without fear; just don't be stupid. There's no need to "BREAK INTO" blogs, they are open to the public.

2. The Dell Hell fiasco actually lead to some very important and useful developments at Dell - developments that are good for Dell and for consumers. For those of you actually interested, check out this blog entry (so much for Bulldog Reporter's proof):

[Editorial Note: I have not referenced the moderator or speakers as they may be terrific people doing really good work. But this Bulldog Reporter promotion sucks!]

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