Monday, May 4, 2009

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

I have known Dominic Litten for 27 years now. He is an amazing young man, full of passion and energy and kindness. He possesses a brilliant mind that first revealed itself when he was only three years old and began reading a book to me. His sense of humor never fails to bring laughter. His loyalty to those around him - family, friends, neighbors – is legendary and is surpassed only by his humility and thoughtfulness.

This past weekend, I had the sincere pleasure of not only witnessing, but participating in (thank you) a most important day in Dominic's life as he joined in matrimony the beautiful and equally wonderful Beth.  It was a perfect day befitting of a perfect union.

And given that I have known Dominic the entirety of his life and that I have a vested interest in his past, present and future, I offered only one bit of advice on this solemn day: DO NOT TWITTER ON YOUR HONEYMOON.

But did he listen?  No!  For he is Dominic,  lord of the Twitterers.  So was I surprised or even disappointed as I read on my Twitter site that he was in the airport and ready to board the plane for Maui? No.

Instead I acquiesce, I accept, I submit tacitly.  In fact, I have gone a step further and have created a new Twitter National Anthem in Dominic's honor.  Please feel free to sing along to the tune of "O Canada."

O Dominic!
Our blog and Twitter friend!
True king and fan of social messaging.
With open eyes we read your tweets,
The True voice strong and free!
From far and wide, O Dominic,
We wait to read your words.
God keep his hands twittering and free!
O Dominic, we wait for tweets from thee.
O Dominic, we wait for tweets from thee

If anyone should feel equally moved and so inclined as to likewise honor Dominic, Lord of the Twitterers, I would like to suggest an actual recording of his national anthem uploaded onto YouTube for his viewing pleasure upon his return from Hawaii.  I can't imagine a lovelier wedding gift.

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